Boost healthy and productive employees!

Simple flexible technology to boost your corporate wellness programs?

Is your employees’ sitting and physical activity in balance for strong business growth?

Sitting passively and physical  inactivity are increasing illnesses and absenteeism rates in the modern work force  which are costing employers huge amounts of money in lost productivity.

Physical inactivity is responsible for risk factor for several health conditions including cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, colon cancer, stress and anxiety.


What are consequences of a sedentary lifestyle?

Employee health issues are likely to be typically adding to not only significant stress but also well-being, which do equally contribute to:  

So, what can employees do? Nobody can keep moving all day long, and you must work. Unless you work in an environment that keeps you active, this will be tough. This is where you have a choice. Choose to form good habits for healthier lifestyle: 

However, you choose to get moving, just get moving. Avoid the harmful effects of a sedentary lifestyle and take control of your health and mind! 

Business growth happens with healthy employees!

Let fibion help your employees create healthy balance when it comes to sitting/activity.

Fibion is innovative and credible, evidence-based tool for sitting passively and physical activity analysis for the workforce. 

Prolonged sitting and lack of physical activity is one of the biggest problems in the workplaces today. Now, with Fibion, it is possible to accurately assess the activity behaviour both, during work and during free time. 

From the sitting/activity analysis it is easy to create an individual action plan for the employees and make a more active workplace by making small modifications to the office environment.  

This will help:   

Less sitting passively and more physically moving will contribute to better health. Simply standing up when you can and walking around while you work will get you into physical activity. Here are some examples you can follow 

Simple steps will make huge difference!



Everything to start immediately.

Fibion is delivered with everything you need to start your everyday activity business.


More accurate than wrist-worn devices.

Give the Fibion Device to your customer to be worn in his or her pocket for 7 days.


Analysis with recommendations.

Create the Fibion Analysis instantly to be used in customer consultation.

Get ​Moving!

Get ​Active!

Get Healthier!

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