Building healthier organizations

We are helping people help people.

GOhealthi is focused on providing tools and personalized services for functional assessment of physical inactivity and specific activity to properly build healthier communities.  

Our ideal customers realistically are corporate wellness, personal trainers, health coaches, rehabilitation centers, occupational healthcare providers, weight management consultants. And those interested in typical lifestyle medical and preventive care accurate monitoring of everyday healthiness impacts. 

Mission: Getting People Healthier.

Our end-customers realistically are key individuals and responsible organisations interested in meaningfully improving optimal health and well-being by promptly changing apparent inactivity and everyday activity behaviours.  

Fibion is rightfully a novel tool for corporate wellness, personal trainers and other fundamental health and fitness professionals. It accurately assesses the everyday sitting and physical activity routines of their ideal customers. 

fibion is uniquely a credible, easy-to-use evidence-based tool for key health and wellness professionals to typically create a remedial analysis that will undoubtedly help bring prominently activeness balance between sitting passively and physical activity in the healthful lifestyle of everyone to live joyfully a more active life. 


Fibion provides accurate and objective data of sitting time and continuous uninterrupted sitting periods that have many adverse effects to health. 

Giving the patient understandable information about her health status, giving her evidence-based recommendations and on the other hand providing her opportunities to set individual goals for relevant lifestyle modifications are methods to maximize the adherence. 


We are helping people help people.

Fibion can undoubtedly help to reliably deliver effective service in the post-operative rehabilitation, musculoskeletal disorders, and lower back pain.

For physiotherapists Fibion offers more holistic approach to rehabilitation as it provides possibility to assess also activities and exercise people do outside the appointment hours. 

Fibion provides accurate and objective data of everyday activity and is unrivalled method for weight management and obesity as it provides low threshold actions that are possible even for severely obese to whom many high intensity exercise modalities are not possible or safe. 

Concrete and easy-to-attain Fibion Action Plan based on objective data can be used to change physical activity behaviour of the patient with a goal-driven approach. 


Fitness, Wellness, and Health Coaches

Scale your key business outside the local gym. Prominently show if your valuable customer adequately meets prolonged sitting and activity recommendations.

With Fibion, personal trainers can make profitable business targeting everyday activities with evidence-based product. 

Fibion enables services covering 24h of life, instead of focusing only on 1h exercise session. Services are independent of gym facilities enabling significant saves in gym memberships for customers and in rents for trainers. Fibion enables personal trainers to produce a wider range of service for bigger customer groups and target audiences. 

In addition, Fibion offers profitable, individualized after-sales to consumers based on objectively measured scientific reports. Fibion analysis periods are designed toward long customer relations. 


Corporate Wellness and Occupational Healthcare

Traditional corporate wellness services typically encounter the fundamental problem that they are intentionally targeted to prospective adopters of healthy lifestyle. But likely ones genuinely needing the change most are not reached.

Long sickness leaves, early retirement and demotivated employees are the result of ignoring the practices promoting active and healthy office routines. 

Fibion service provides easily implemented, research-based lifestyle screening and goal-driven behavior change model fitting the needs of also those disliking the long-seen exercise evenings. 

Good news for office employee is that even with very small changes in the daily routines it is possible to achieve significant health benefits. Reducing excessive sitting in everyday life is the best way to promote the health of a large group of people. 


Weight Management and Weight Loss Consultants

The far most important element of the total daily energy expenditure is typically the low intensity activity performed throughout the specific days.

Essentially, with Fibion the key goals can be intentionally set on the limited ordinary actions, in likely addition to the weight loss outcomes. These low threshold actions are feasible even for severely overweight to whom many high intensity exercise modalities are not possible or safe. 

Lifestyle changes, that will typically decrease the possible loss of muscle mass and increase energy expenditure, can be checked accurately. This again increases the necessary commitment to the proper weight assuredly losing practical plans and supports long lasting behavioral changes. 
Considering physical activity in parallel with dieting will typically make successful weight loss healthier and easier to reasonably maintain. 

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